Friday, July 20, 2012

Hidden Gems - Identifying Your Items

At Worth Repeating, we hope to be more than just an antique store.  We pride ourselves on be a resource for the community.  We enjoy researching and learning more about our craft each day.  This is why I am so pleased to share with you this story. 

Yesterday a woman entered the store with several items from her mother’s estate. She was not looking to sell or consign her items.  She was interested in finding out more information about a select group of art glass. We are always happy to help and feel honored when folks ask for our help. I think understanding what something is can sometimes help give some insight as to why items were cherished in the first place. All of the pieces of art glass were quite beautiful.  However, one piece I found to be very striking and I knew that it must be something special.  So here it is...with some digging this is what I have found out about this piece.

This is a signed piece of Art Glass by Schneider of France. Charles Schneider is considered the driving force behind the Art Deco Art Glass Movement. His pieces are widely collected and can range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars. This specific example is a larger piece and is simply stunning. Estimated Market Value $1000.00 – $1500.00!

The customer was blown away when I told her the news!  That just made my day!  We are always happy to help you learn more about your special and unique pieces!  You never know what you may have!

It can be easy to identify the artist on a piece of art glass.  When you turn the piece over there is often a signature and/or other markings identifying the artist, when, or where the piece was made.

For more information about Art Glass by Schneider of France, please click on the following link:

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